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Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh Brian...

When I was looking around on brian maddens web site today reading about Microsoft MultiPoint, I saw an ad for "Virtual Desktop Challenge".Virtual Desktop Challenge with Brian Madden The first thing that got my interest was that Brian Madden was wearing a 1950's plaid jacket, yellow shirt and black tie. Which I'm not sure really matches but, all and all freaked me out. When the flash game started after registering, I started to think wow, Brian Madden really seems like the Mac guy from those Mac vs PC ads. I think one of the parodies of those ads simplified the Mac guy pretty well, "I'm a bit pretentious and condescending". I hate to say that about my regular weekly or more read of brain madden, but maybe thats what he was going for here? After laughing about this whole thing, and not interacting with the game Brian had announced, " Just so you know, I'm waiting for you to chose your next desktop…" that just pushed up the condescending points way up! Playing the game we get great awkward quotes like "COOL, It's a double desktop!" and "That's so random!" Thinking more and more of what Brian reminds me of I decided that it's a mix of the movie director John Walters, the king of Amoral movies like, "Pink flamingos" and "A dirty shame" and the Pee Wee Herman the kids show comedian that was arrested for jerking off in a theatre. Other then this weird host, the game is educational and fun. Thanks for the entertainment Brian!


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