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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Is citrix trying to appeal to preteens when modifing WebUI

The Citrix Web Interface 5.0 has really grown up! The WebUI was once just a simple site were if you know just a little bit of HTML you could modify the site to your liking or atleast the best that you could figure out. Now with WebUI 5.0 it's not as simple, they have created the site for an expert to modify. Meaning you might want to hire someone to hack away at the thing to really make it look professional in your enviroment. Something really slick and futuristic, or something with the same site design as the rest of your intranet/extranet sites. OR if your like most of us and just need to get it done. I've found this site that will help with simple or complex modifications of the site for people that might not have a web site design background. But first... DON'T LAUGH!! Okay so if you or your preteen has ever modified there myspace profile they most likey have heard of pimp my profile .com, well it looks like Citrix is going down that path.

It's a great guide for those who don't have those web graphic design classes under our belt.

This site also has an artical about Un-Pimping Da WebUI also with a great name "Paint by numbers" that, for some reason, reminds me of Bob Ross. Now lets make a happy Citrix logo over here!


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